Identical Pigs

Identical Pigs is a short story collection featuring previously published pieces and brand new stories, including a new novella. It was published on September 28, 2018, and is available in paperback, as well as in multiple e-book formats.

Cover design by Scott Siskind


A man loses his shoes on an airplane. A woman gets trapped in a bathroom by a ghost (maybe). A mob enforcer startles easily. A young actor wants his face on the wall of a pizza parlor. What do they all have in common? Nothing. This is a short story collection. That would be a super weird novel, if those were all one thing.

Some of these stories have appeared in publications such as Suspense Magazine and Storgy.  Others, including the novella “Winner Winner”, are brand new. In between them are silly little jokes. Here’s one that you won’t even find in the book:

which grateful german ape is always throwing barrels at super mario

danke kong

Wow. That’s the kind of quality we’re talking about here. And then you’ve got the stories on top of that? Unreal. Incredible value. This book should cost three hundred dollars. 


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