Go Figure

Go Figure is a comedic mystery novel based on the Samuzzo D’Amato character (who first appeared in the short story Goosin’ Bruiser). It was released on May 3, 2019, and is available in paperback, as well as in multiple e-book formats.

Artwork by Stephen Andrade


ACTION! - Samuzzo D'Amato might be the biggest bruiser on the boardwalk, but he's got a secret, a real Achilles heel - he's some kinda jumpy about loud noises! Not the sorta thing a tough guy wants people knowing. Nobody's gonna hire muscle maybe might jump outta his skin if a dog barks too loud, see what I'm sayin?

SUSPENSE! - So anyway, one day he's on this job, and it turns out the fellas he's workin with heard about how Samuzzo gooses easy. Oh, and one more thing - the job's an ambush! Samuzzo can't figure which of those two twists he's more cheesed off about, but either way, he's got big problems: somebody's out to get him, and said somebody knows just how to get this bruiser's goose!

CONSTERNATION! - Since he's got no clue who he can trust, it's down to Samuzzo to figure out who's got it in for him and how come. Which, for a guy who mostly solves problems by punching 'em until they fall asleep, ain't nearly as easy as it sounds. So that's basically what's this story about. You gonna read this thing or what?


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