Formatting Services

So you've written a book. First of all, congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate. Because now comes the not so fun part: getting your book ready for publication. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just give it all to somebody else, have them take care of it? Well, um, you can. You can find somebody to do basically anything on the internet. And I mean anything. Including formatting your book for print and digital distribution!


An example from the print edition of Westmore and More! (click to expand)

Print Formatting

I can get your book ready for CreateSpace, Blurb, Lulu or any other self-publishing services that accept print-ready PDFs. And together, you and I can get your book looking precisely the way you want; page number placement, margins, chapter breaks. You can simple show me a picture of what you're looking for, or you can give me some thoughts and I can show you what I come up with. Either way, I can provide you with a print-ready PDF, and even help you shepherd it through the publication process if you wish.

Digital Formatting

Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Smashwords - I get your eBook ready for all of these, in reflowable type (so that font sizes and types can be adjusted by the reader, the standard in eBooks) or fixed formatting (essentially just a PDF the reader can zoom in or out of). And I don't charge extra no matter how many outlets you want your book in! Each eBook will have a functioning table of contents, with up to six stacked tiers.

An example of the Westmore and More! eBook, complete with table of contents (click to expand)



For those who are looking for more than just formatting, I also offer various editing services. They range from simple proofreading, to more intensive structural analyses. 

Get A Quote

Interested in any or all of the above? Shoot me an email and let's talk turkey! Please include the following, just so that I can give you the most accurate quote possible:

  • Is the manuscript is complete, or are you looking to edit/make changes?
  • What's the word count?
  • Are there any formatting peculiarities (images, Danielewski-type shenanigans)?
  • Do you have any reference images for how you want your book to look (i.e. pictures of books you own that have margin/page number/author name/etc. placements you like)?
  • Does this project have a deadline?
  • Do you also need design work for the covers/spine of the book?
  • Is there any other information not covered here that might be relevant?

I look forward to hearing from you!